What makes the Architect’s Birdfeeder different?
It’s fun to put together! And unlike most birdfeeders,the Architect’s Birdfeeder comes in a low impact small box (1″ x 8″ x 9″) , packs flat, requires no tools or fasteners for assembly and can be taken apart and re-assembled with ease. The feeder is also easy to clean with a damp soapy wash cloth.

Where should I put the Architect’s Birdfeeder?
The Architect’s Birdfeeder has been designed to hang from an outside object like a tree. We suggest hanging the Architect’s Birdfeeder far enough from the ground or other branches to keep it from squirrels, and far enough from the house that you don’t scare the birds. If pesky rodents do make it to the feeder it’s got a lock that helps to keep them out of the food bin.

What kind of birdseed should I use?
Seed that is a mix of millet and sunflower works best for flow.

How do you keep water out of the Architect’s Birdfeeder?
You will notice the roof of the Architect’s Birdfeederis slightly pitched. This is to keep water running off the roof. You will also notice the slight reveal on the underside of the roof piece. The reveal should be face down (see step 9 in the directions). This is a drip edge which will help to cause water that runs along the underside of the roof to fall away. We have also added two notches to each wing piece that serve as additional drip edges. Finally we’ve added a very narrow slot where the long and short pieces converge. This helps circulate air if water does get in.

What kind of birds can I expect at the Architect’s Birdfeeder?
Based on the size of the Architect’s Birdfeeder smaller birds tend toward using it. At home in the Northeast we have chickadees, sparrows, junco’s,tufted titmice, nuthatch & even woodpeckers.

What is the Architect’s Birdfeeder made from? 
The Architect’s Birdfeeder is made of very strong thermoplastic polymer called polycarbonate. The same stuff that bullet proof glass is made of!

How do I assemble the Architect’s Birdfeeder?
The Architect’s Birdfeeder comes with easy to assemble directions. Or just click on the gallery image to view them.

Can I return the Architect’s Birdfeeder?
We want to make sure you are happy with the Architect’s Birdfeeder. If you are not satisfied, send it back to us for a full refund. Please do so within 30 days. Please contact us to discuss options.

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